How much does an un-compliant label cost?

Michelle, our Chief Compliance Officer and I were sharing war stories about clients who missed critical steps in their export growth. She was telling me about an all to familiar story of a NZ exporter who had excitedly signed up a new distributor in the USA. They were thrilled about the growth potential in the market and quickly organized the shipment, packed it off on a container, only to have it stopped at customs in Longbeach CA. and rejected at the border because the label was not compliant for the USA. What a mess. After some mad scrambling and a huge cost, they ended up sending new labels up to a relabeling service in the market. The extra cost of storage fees, printing new labels, courier and the labelling service eroded all the profit margin for their first order.

Sometimes you get away with uncompliant labels, most times you don’t. It always pays to get it right first time. Hopefully you never need to use our Urgent service!